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Shop For Unusual And Quirky Items At Urban Redeux

Urban Redeux, located at 8742 Cooper Road, Alexandria, VA, is an antique shop that sells unusual and quirky items. Urban Redeux started as a mother and daughter operation featuring Wright and her mother, Wendy Wells-Finn. They loved shopping in these special places that specialize in estate sales and took over Urban Redeux in 2018. Now, the store is run entirely by Wright. She travels to estate sales and auctions to get her materials.

As per the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "Knowing the story behind the antiques and consignments at shops in Mount Vernon is a bonus for the sales pitch, especially since George Washington roamed the area at one time. Like Mike and Frank find on the reality show “American Pickers,” the story behind the antique is not only a conversation piece, it’s history around here. This happened with Willow Wright at Urban Redeux when a man came in with a haunted chair a few years ago. He told her that “everybody in his family has seen a little boy in this rocking chair,” she said, so she bought it, remembering the story that went along with it. Another customer offered to sprinkle it with holy water, and then the next customer heard the boy ghost story and immediately bought the chair."

Wright said," Sometimes they want to know the history behind things so they can also share the story. A little bit of everything is what we carry. Anything that’s related to Mount Vernon or the Capitol sells quickly."

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