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Locating A Good Condo In 22304?

I'm a local agent specializing condos in 22304. Photo of 6300 Stevenson Ave #520 6300 Stevenson Ave #520 is a wonderful dwelling, but it's not for every buyer. Photo of 6300 Stevenson Ave #520 My desire in this real estate brief is to help you think through your priorities, so that you can move forward in your real estate search in Alexandria, Virginia. There are an almost unlimited number of variables in play. Photo of 6300 Stevenson Ave #520 To get what you want, you need to know what you want. For example:
  • Do you like masonry condos? Do you prefer brick or siding? What type of siding?
  • Does the hot-water heater matter to you? Do you prefer gas or electric? The most common hot-water heater at Sentinel of Landmark is electric.
  • Do you want the most expensive condo in the enclave, like 6300 Stevenson Ave #1113 or do you prefer the least expensive condo like 6300 Stevenson Ave #520.
  • Do you need a handicap accessible condo? Do you like steps?
  • Maybe you should rent? Do you like to live in a neighborhood with a lot rentals? Do you prefer to live in a neighborhood with few rentals? Currently for rent at Sentinel of Landmark
Photo of 6300 Stevenson Ave #520

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