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What Do You Want From Your Condo Acquisition?

I appreciate you and would be honored to be your real estate agent. Photo of 5831 Quantrell Ave #404 5831 Quantrell Ave #404 is appears to be a smart purchase for many reasons. But I'm not recommending you buy this condo, or any particular condo in Alexandria, Virginia or The Seasons. At least, not until I know your goals. It's more important to me that we find the right home for you. Photo of 5831 Quantrell Ave #404 I'd love to chat about your condo priorities. My dream is to come in under budget, but hit all of the check marks on your priority list. My hope in this article is to help you organize your essentials, so that you can move forward in your real estate search in Alexandria. You have a lot of options in the City of Alexandria. I'll mention just a few of your many options:
  1. The highest priced condo at The Seasons is listed for $250,000. Do you know if 5831 Quantrell Ave #404 is a good value?
  2. Do you prefer hardwood floors? Do you prefer carpet or ceramic? Maybe floors aren't a big concern for you.
  3. How much space do you need? How much space do you want? The average sized home in The Seasons is 970.
  4. Residents at The Seasons enjoy additional benefits from this community..
  5. Do you need to think about resale value? Do you know what condos have sold for in The Seasons? Here's what has Recently sold at The Seasons.

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As with any home purchase, location, size and price are important. With a condominium you'll also want to understand the ownership scheme. This type of information is found in the "condo docs" or condominium documents. Most states, and the Commonwealth of Virginia, require condo doc disclosure before any purchase contract is finalized. The condo docs will contain detailed information on the ownership and property rights of the condo and its owners. The rules of the homeowners association are generally explained in the condo docs in plain English and not in legal jargon. It's important to read the condo documents to understand the annual maintenance and upkeep fees, as well as to obtain a full understanding of exactly how much control the association have over the regulation of the property.
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